One snail

One snail

Friday, August 31, 2012

Official Start Date!

Here it is, my official start date for my 6-month-lose-5%-for-my-insurance time period!  I spoke to the insurance company's case manager on TUESDAY AUGUST 28th, so that's the day they will count from.  She referred me to the Accomplish program (the mandatory nutrition coaching), and I actually got their welcome packet today.  Now I have only to send them my $$ and verification of my official start weight from my doctor's office and I can set up my first phone consultation.  Woohoo!  Another step along the hoops set up by my insurance.

I have been tracking my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal ( which has been very helpful.  I'm looking forward to some guidance about the amount of carbs/fats/protein I should shoot for daily.

I am also taking a multi-vitamin, iron, biotin, and D.  I set up my phone to remind me. :-)  My blood test results came back and, no surprise, my iron is low, so guess it's a good thing I started the iron.  I need to set up an appointment with my regular primary care doc to go over the results when she is back from vacation.

One thing that will be important to me on this weight loss journey is sticking to a vegetarian diet.  I found a wonderful series about this on the blog Bariatric Foodie!  It is in several parts, and the first one can be found here:  Veggie Tales part 1.  The author of the series is a 4-year post-op vegetarian, which is great.  I will look for more by her in the future.

I did finally lose ONE pound this week.  Kinda discouraging start, but I have been exercising and will do my measurements today.  I'm also quitting diet soda (but not coffee/caffeine).  I have always had good water intake, but that should help me up it even more.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, if you get one!

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