One snail

One snail

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Social worker visit: check!

Checked another thing off my list to do before getting a surgery date--met with the hospital social worker.  She was really nice, and I think we got along great.  When she asked about some of my hobbies (i.e. for stress relief), I told her we liked to watch movies, and right now we are watching Wes Anderson's, and she knew them.  We discussed Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Royal Tenenbaums!  For those who are interested, he uses a specific color scheme for each of his films:

I also got my blood work done, ugh!  I have no veins (doesn't matter what size I am), and they always have to take it out of my hand, sometimes after poking me two or three times somewhere else first. However Anna (my phlebotomist) did it in one try!  (This is definitely something I am NOT looking forward to about surgery.)

Tomorrow afternoon I have my visit with the nutritionist. Hopefully she'll have the results of my blood work back by then and can go over the results in addition to reviewing my food and exercise diary.  Then, I should be able to get an appointment with the ARNP for the summary results meeting.  Woohoo!

Happy Halloween, everyone, and watch out for the ghosties!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

25 pounds 60 days!

This is Super Saturday for Super Snail!  As of today's weigh-in, I have lost 25 pounds in the past 60 days (since August 28th).  That's when I started losing to qualify for surgery. Woohoo!

Also, my NSV of the day (non-scale victory, I learned that from you other bloggers here) is that I put on a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a very long time...and they are the kind that zip!  For us larger ladies, this is a big deal, since most of the pants we can fit into have elastic waistbands.

On another note, my dog is driving me crazy.  I made some blueberry protein muffins, and she is standing in the kitchen whining because she wants one.  She looks at me, wags her tail (well, her stump), and looks up at the muffins.  Then repeats.  I am sure she is thinking, "You silly human!  Can't you understand what I want?"  She is unfortunately very cute, and I will probably give in eventually. :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Encouraging news...

Today's consult with my surgeon was very encouraging!  Dr. Wright is very nice--and a geek which goes a long way with me. :-)  We actually spent part of the time discussing computer-assisted therapy and using Second Life for mental health support.  Turns out he did some research on cognitive-behavioral methods of treatment at graduate school--and his father trained with Aaron Beck (a huge guru in the field who I just lectured about to one of my classes last week)!

So, needless to say, I was impressed with him...and I THINK he and the team were impressed with me.  (Hope that doesn't sound as egotistical as it did to write it...)  I was super-prepared, had watched their videos online and done a lot of my own research about bariatric surgery, and my physical showed no additional health concerns that they were worried about. He didn't need any extra tests or screenings.  In fact, at least at this point, here's all I have left to do to get to the final decision/scheduling point:

  • Blood tests (Oct 31 8:30 am)
  • Social worker meeting (Oct 31 9:00 am)
  • Nutritionist meeting (Nov 1 2:30 pm)
  • Go over test results with ARNP (will be scheduled after all of the above)
The client services specialist is also super nice, and after we all got a little excited with where I am in the process she was able to move up my nutrition consult a week!  Very cool team there, and I feel very comfortable with them.

So, a cautious celebration is in order!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surgeon Consult Tomorrow!

I will meet my surgeon for the first evaluation tomorrow.  I got them to send me all the forms, dutifully filled out my medications, dieting history, health history, and a detailed report for the social worker.  I have reports from my orthopedic surgeon, and blood test results from my primary care doc.  I am as prepared as I can be!

More tomorrow...!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First consult with surgeon scheduled

Here we go with another step: I got scheduled for my first consult with the surgeon!  It's next week on Thursday.  I was really lucky to get in so soon--they told me there must have been a cancellation--because usually he's 3 or 4 weeks out.  I'm taking this as a good sign. :-)

I also got set up for the social worker and nutritionist, one each in the following two weeks.  I live fairly close to the hospital (less than 30 minutes), and told them I would take the soonest appointments instead of waiting until I could get them all in one day.

I haven't lost anything much since my 20 pound mark, but re-started my iron, and that does cause a little, uh, "situation."  I would like to get down a few more pounds before seeing the doc, though, to show continued progress. I've also been walking on the treadmill every day until today, when I don't feel very well.  We have some people out at work, so hope I don't have it!  I need to prioritize getting my flu shot!

Have a good rest of the week, everyone, and stay well!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Super Snail Loses 20 Pounds

Special report...Saturday October 13...for immediate release

In a briefing today, Super Snail reported that 20 pounds have been lost.  This has been verified by independent fact-checkers using a research-based instrument:  the bathroom scale.  Snail also reported an alleged decrease in inches, although no specific measurements were provided.

Snail described a set of variables that led to this pound reduction, including proper eating behavior, increased fluid intake, and use of a treadmill.  Similar results have been reported by others in the past.  Further information is forthcoming.

End of report.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I made my weight goal (for the 5% loss)!!!  My nutritionist should be referring me to the UW Bariatric Surgery Center ASAP!

That's it...!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Picture's Worth a 1000 Words...So How About 12?

I was reading some "back stories" on blogs I follow, and saw the directions for this picture posting.  I am sure others have done a variety of these, but I thought I'd try this one.  The directions say to type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and pick an image from the first page of results. So here goes:

1. Age at my next birthday:

2. Place I'd like to travel:

3. Favorite Place:

4. Favorite Object:

5. Favorite Food:

6. Favorite Animal:

7. Favorite Color:

8. City I was Born In:

9. City Where I Live:

10. My First Name:

11. First Job:

12. College Major:

Not sure if one of these pictures is worth a 1000 words, with then all 12 pictures being worth 12,000 words, but it was kind of fun, and if anyone reads this, you'll learn a little about me.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Almost to my first goal!

Well!  I have now lost 18 pounds by MY scale--but have to lose another 1 or 2 to make my 17 pound weight loss on my DOCTOR'S scale.  I actually went into their office yesterday to just check on their scale myself!  And yes, I need about a 2 pound "cush."

I hope hope hope I can be in a good position to get my official weight documented on Monday, so I can move on to the next phase:  a referral to my surgeon.  I know there'll be a lot of additional things I need to do, and I want to get going on them!  I'm still holding out hope that I might be able to have the surgery over the winter break, since that is the best for my teaching schedule, but I have no idea of their schedule at the University of Washington hospital (which is where I want to go).  My nutritionist has said it might be too short of a time period, as they tend to be quite thorough there.

I did have some coffee today (have really cut down), but plan on being super good this weekend!

Thought I'd share a vision board that I made last year when I was focusing on raw foods.  However, I think it still applies!