One snail

One snail

Friday, November 9, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

Technically, it's 12:30 am on Friday...but I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'm counting it as Thursday. :-)

  1. We have a holiday on Monday!  Woohoo...although I'll probably have to grade my students' discussion board posts and such.
  2. My brother's family live in New York, where it's snowing.  My parents are in Arizona, where it's 90 degrees.  I live in Seattle, and we had...wait for it...rain. 
  3. The cat doesn't like her new litter.  (Enough about that.)
  4. We have the ugliest pumpkin in the world on the porch!  It was too ugly to carve, so we get to enjoy it  for longer! (It looks kind of like the ones in the picture below.)
  5. I cooked a bag of frozen veggies, and had to pick the baby corn out of it.  I hate baby corn!  It seems unnatural.
  6. I get paid tomorrow!
  7. I didn't eat any left-over Halloween candy from the staff room.
  8. I am waiting for a call from my bariatric surgery center to schedule my "review" with the ARNP.  I was cleared by everyone as far as I know--so this should be the last hoop until I get a surgery date!
  9. Today I noticed that my underwear is loose. (Okay, T.M.I.)  I've lost more than 25 pounds, so guess that did it!
  10. I've kind of stopped reading my facebook page lately.  I'll bet people are posting notices about games on my wall.  Should I go look?  I actually have enjoyed the time away, and I didn't have to read political rants.  Can we hope that will fade now?
Welp, that's it!  Enjoy the weekend, whenever yours starts and however long it is! :-)


  1. Ah Blackboard discussion grading -- I personally dread the grading, but I enjoy reading my students' discussions. Do you use a rubric?

    I hope you get a date soon and congratulations on your 25 pound loss!

    1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for your reply. I haven't used a formal rubric for grading, although with all the outcomes push I probably should! Have you ever used Canvas? I'm piloting it for my college as a possible substitute for Blackboard...

  2. Great job ont eh leftover candy. Its those little things that add up. "FUN SIZE" is no fun! :)

    1. Hi, Tamzin--I used to think "fun size" were no fun because they were too small! I definitely need to change that mind-set!

  3. Good work losing weight! I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out