One snail

One snail

Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to Advance! Charge!

The weight-loss-surgery arena (and really, blogging in general!) has such interesting language.  I'm a newbie to a lot of this, being just 3 weeks out.  Oops...I did it already:

3 weeks out = 3 weeks after having had weight loss surgery

When I first started reading blogs focused on weight loss, I was a little confused.  Everyone is always having an NSV!

NSV = Non-Scale Victory = something cool that happens during weight loss besides seeing your pounds or kilos going down.

Then, for the ladies, they would have a visit from TOM, or TTOTM.  Tom?  Is he someone who travels around the world somehow making a woman's weight go up or stall?

TOM = Time Of the Month and TTOTM = That Time Of The Month

I started reading forums (like, and needed a decoder ring at first to break the code people had on their posts, such as "HW = a, SW = b, CW = c, GW = d."  Translated this is:

HW = highest weight
SW = surgery weight (or start weight, if losing without surgery)
CW = current weight
GW = goal weight

And I will admit that I puzzled over this one for a while:  OT in the title of a post

OT = Off Topic = a post on a weight loss forum not related to weight loss

Now, I totally understand acronyms and assigning specific meaning to words and phrases!  After all, my training is in mental health, and we have ADHD, ODD, GAD, SAD, BPD, PTSD, DID, NOS and the DSM, among others.

But I have to admit, I got quite the visual when my surgeon said I could "advance my diet" yesterday.  Advance it?  As in, the zombies are advancing?  As in, some jobs required an advanced degree?  Or as in Monopoly, the "advance to the nearest railroad" card?

I guess it is all of that, really--my pureed diet was like preschool, and now I've advanced a grade to primary school.  I am advancing in my fight against the fat cells.  My diet graduated and is now in 1st grade, so gave up naps for language arts and mathematics.

I don't know, maybe I think about these things too much--or I have way too vivid of an imagination--or my mind doesn't really see the world in the usual way.  But what I WILL say is I am SO glad to advance to soft foods!  I can't even say how glad.  I had puree for 3 weeks, due to the holidays.  That's long enough!

Soft foods, look out, because I'm advanced!

P.S. I can't really eat apples yet.  I just liked this picture. :-)


  1. teehee! there is a lot of lingo to pick up for sure...and you do know you CAN eat apples. They just can't look like that! haha

    If you are looking for something, I found a brand of babyfood in WF and the health food isle at grocery store - Chick Chick - had some meat and grain in it - was a nice change of pace for eating in the soft phase. :)

    I totally can't wait for your next weigh in!!!!

  2. Cute picture, perfect for your post. I agree all the acroymns can be confusing at first. Glad you are getting it all figured out. Oh and congrats on "advancing" your diet!

  3. I love words, so I loved this look at the acronyms used in WL blogging. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your advanced diet!

  4. I had trouble when I started reading WLS blogs in my blog, I have included a 'glossary' to help those who are new. :-)