One snail

One snail

Friday, October 5, 2012

Almost to my first goal!

Well!  I have now lost 18 pounds by MY scale--but have to lose another 1 or 2 to make my 17 pound weight loss on my DOCTOR'S scale.  I actually went into their office yesterday to just check on their scale myself!  And yes, I need about a 2 pound "cush."

I hope hope hope I can be in a good position to get my official weight documented on Monday, so I can move on to the next phase:  a referral to my surgeon.  I know there'll be a lot of additional things I need to do, and I want to get going on them!  I'm still holding out hope that I might be able to have the surgery over the winter break, since that is the best for my teaching schedule, but I have no idea of their schedule at the University of Washington hospital (which is where I want to go).  My nutritionist has said it might be too short of a time period, as they tend to be quite thorough there.

I did have some coffee today (have really cut down), but plan on being super good this weekend!

Thought I'd share a vision board that I made last year when I was focusing on raw foods.  However, I think it still applies!

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