One snail

One snail

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Here are my 10 things in no particular order...

1. Monday is payday.  We're going to squeeeeek by.  First on the list: healthy groceries and gas. (The kind that goes in my jeep...not the kind you get from the healthy groceries.)

2. I am sitting here NOT drinking water.  NOT drinking water.  NOT...well you get the idea.  I just finished eating and am practicing not drinking and eating together.  You know the one about the pink elephant in the living room?

3. There are 20 more minutes until I can drink.  That's why I'm writing this blog post.

4. I am on the 3rd week of my 1000 calorie diet pre-surgery.  I'm worried that I'm not losing much weight.  I think I am counting carefully, but maybe not?  I wonder if I should push it down to 900 calories for the last week?  Having my pre-anesthesia visit at the clinic tomorrow and will ask if I am doing something wrong.  Maybe I'm not dropping a ton because I already lost 37 pounds? Sigh.

5. Tomorrow is the last day of the regular quarter before final exams.  In addition to the stress of that, everyone is having end-of-the-term parties, and they drop off all their leftovers in the staff room.  Today:  doughnuts, cake, muffins (frosted), candy bars, soda, pizza, Hershey's kisses with macadamia nuts (from Hawaii), and a pretzel snack mix.

6. I did not eat anything from the staff room.  Only went in there to fill up my water bottle. :-)

7. I am so trying not to get sick!  I need to be healthy for surgery.  Luckily some staff know this, and one of my co-workers stood in the hall outside my office to talk to me because she was sick.  Very sweet!  However, my students don't know and are dragging themselves to class for the last week, some exuding germs wherever they go.  I have some of that alcohol-based hand cleanser in my office.  Not sure if it will help, but I am making good use of it.

8. The Walking Dead is over until February.  Boo!  However, American Horror Story is still on.  VERY creepy episode last night.

9. I want to get a couple strings of lights up on the deck.  However, the weather needs to cooperate--I refuse to put up electric light sets and extension cords when it is pouring down rain.  Silly of me, I know.

10. Last night was monumental in Washington State:  legalization of recreational marijuana, and marriage equality.  It was fun to see the pictures of couples being able to get their marriage licenses now...there were two older women who had been together for 35 years.  :-)

Well, that's it.  I am going off to drink some water now.  Thanks for distracting me!


  1. Have you watched any Grimm? I highly suggest it if you havne't. Might be a good thing to catch up on while you are laid up. I think they have the seasons on Hulu.

    I'm super sad about walking dead too - make it FASTER!!! - but looking forward to the fall for it. Of course, I have the Hobbit on the 14th, so I can't complain too hard!

    Also, when trying not to get sick, I never touch any dorrhandles with my bare hands. Or wash right after, those things are the germ capitols!

    Oh - I'm going to order some of that power you were talking about - chai latte sounds delightful!!!! I need to start getting in a good protein bomb every morning and I'm getting a little tired of yogurt. Need something different for a bit.

    1. Yes, I love Grimm! We have to watch it on demand since it plays the same time as Fringe, one of my other favorites. I really like Monroe...he cracks me up. :-)

      Thanks for the tips about door handles! And I'm glad you might try the Big Train. Everyone likes different ones, but I'm pretty fussy so hope you like it too.

      The Hobbit! Opens on my surgery day--but can't wait to see it later in the month!