One snail

One snail

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another snail step with nutritionist

On Thursday I had my first "phone visit" with the nutritionist assigned to me by my insurance company's program.  The first thing I asked about was whether she was familiar with a vegetarian diet, as I had requested that with my payment.  She told me she's been vegetarian most of her life, and vegan for the last 22 years!  Wow!  She and I are both excited to be working together...seems a great match.

She took a medical history, asked what I was currently eating and whether I was exercising.  I explained my use of and told her I'd already lost 11 pounds of the 17 required.  She ended up saying there was really no reason to make any changes to my eating/exercising plan at this point--why fix something that was working?  We agreed I'd need more help in transitioning to a new eating plan after surgery.

We did talk further about vitamins.  She was happy to see me taking iron and D--was okay with the biotin, although the research isn't conclusive about its helpfulness with reducing hair loss.  She does want me to add B-12 and calcium when I am able to get them in without the "side effects" I have been having with the iron.

She did talk more about compliance with a multi-vitamin.  I told her I have a raw multi I take, but it has to be refrigerated and so is kind of inconvenient to carry with me or remember to take.  She gave a few suggestions (considering I'm vegetarian):  Opurity or Celebrate.  I am looking at both and will order one after Tuesday's payday.

The only really sad direction (which I am not TOO surprised about) is that I need to get totally off of coffee before surgery, and for at least a month after.  YIKES!  I've stopped drinking diet coke, but am really a coffee lover.  At least I have a fair amount of time to try to reduce it slowly, hopefully to avoid headaches.  It would also help if I can force myself to get enough sleep that I don't need it to get going in the morning!

(Yes, I like Starbucks...yes, I live in Seattle...yes, it's kind of a stereotype, but what can you do?)

It looks like I'm really racing along to my initial 5% loss goal!  She set an appointment with me for 2 weeks from now, but said to call her if I reach the goal before that time.  I won't let myself skip even one day of exercise (even though I walked on the treadmill at 1:30 am!) and only allow a little treat from time to time (i.e. I had one Starbucks cake pop yesterday).  Woohoo!

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