One snail

One snail

Friday, September 28, 2012

Frustrating Week

Well, it's certainly been a snail's pace week for me.  I am frustrated because I am doing the same things I've done for the past few weeks, and even stepping up my exercise.  I lost 3 pounds last week, and so far the scale hasn't budged since Sunday. :-(

I am getting so close to the first hurdle (5% loss) that this slow-down is distressing.  I have to move at a faster pace (maybe like a super-energized snail!) if I want to try to get my chosen surgery center and the best timing for my teaching schedule.  I think I will try some calorie-controlled frozen meals (found some good vegetarian "lean cuisine" type ones) and try to make inroads into the protein shakes and powders I've collected.

I hope to see some movement soon!  Would love to be at my goal before my next phone consult with my nutritionist on Thursday next week.

Oh, and I've really cut down on coffee!  Go, me!

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