One snail

One snail

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Recently I had my blood tested (see previous post) and Monday I had my appointment with my regular doctor.  She explained "iron saturation" to me--it's how much of the iron you have is actually "sticking" to the blood cells to get carried around to the various parts of your body.  (This is the non-medical description, lol.)  Mine was low, and she confirmed she wanted me to take iron supplements.  I've been taking one per day (due to some constipation).  She wants me to start on Benefiber so that I can get up to taking two per day.  Also apparently the calcium I need to take can cause the same problem!  Argh.  I'm continuing with the D and biotin, and adding B-12, and eventually the calcium if the Benefiber helps.  Anyone taking Benefiber or something similar?

Tomorrow is my big first phone consult with the nutritionist (required by my insurance).  I'm already 9 pounds down (verified on my doc's scale) and to be at my 5% loss, only need 18-20, so it feels like I must be doing something right!  However, more information is always good.  I printed out my food and exercise diaries from because I think I need to send them in (another insurance requirement).

I've been back at work for 4 days now, and have packed my lunch every day!  I'm using my bento box (see previous post).  Today I passed on the staff BBQ, and tomorrow I plan not to attend the union luncheon.  I know I need to learn to go to those types of events and make good choices, but right now I'm going to skip them.  I also turned down a lunch out opportunity (it helps that finances are so stretched also--another reason not to do that right now!).  

Need to go and get on the treadmill! :-)

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